The leading trichologists in the country published the list of shampoos that are dangerous for your hair and everything about how to return volume and thickness to your hair -

Sally Thompson
Education: Dermatovenerologist
Scientific-educational Medical Centre (2005)
Specialisation: cosmetology, master's thesis (2012)
Certificates: dermatovenerology, doctoral thesis (2012)
Area of specialisation: trichology, International University of UK
The first professional aesthetics institute
Participated in the seminar Asclepian Laser Workshop (2017)

Work experience in the field of medicine - 11 years

One of the best trichologists in the UK according to the magazine PROFY, Sally Thompson shared her experience in hair repair after damage caused by retail shampoos and gave detailed instructions on how to stop hair loss and regain hair volume at home:

"My profession forces me to study all the time since the cosmetics market is not stagnant and new products, which often don't fulfil their promised action, are mass produced.

Shampoos and hair balms "for volume", "shine", "against hair loss" promise a quick effect of thick hair by only washing your hair. Beautiful looks, nice shape, available price - it's hard to resist the temptation and not to buy the "super product" that promises thickness and strength in one bottle, isn't it?

After attending the seminar XXXX, I was completely persuaded that this is not true. The thing is that most shampoos contain substances that negatively affect the hair follicle and the skin surface. They are toxic by their nature and lead to "sleeping" hair follicles sooner or later and that means that the hair stops growing out of it. And there is only empty space left where there used to be a hair.

This is a direct road to complete alopecia that cannot be treated. While there is some hair on your head, it is possible to increase the number of hairs without a hormonal therapy. And this can be done at home nowadays.

I take care of my patients and I look for the safest treatment products. The best and the most effective is Kossalin. This is the concentrated emulsion made out of multiple components that regulates the function of the hair follicles.

Its effect is aimed towards the wakening of the sleepy follicle and the protection from dangerous components in cosmetics products like:

  • Sulphates (SLS)
  • Phthalates
  • LAS-tenside
  • Benzol

Kossalin fills the hair throughout its length with vitamins and minerals, renews it and creates a barrier for penetration of toxic substances.

A different path for solving this problem: using shampoos, masks and conditioners without harmful substances. However, such products are impossible to find in the cosmetics market since they don't contain preservatives and every such product will "be spoiled" in a couple of days.

Using home-made shampoos is complicated since they don't create any foam, combing out dry ingredients is time-consuming and they don't contain enough nutritive substances.

Home-made shampoos should be used with huge caution and only once a month for cleaning your hair, otherwise there is the risk of seborrhoea, allergies, dry skin and peeling of the skin.

A special attention should be paid to the main ingredient of dry shampoos - clay. It is a powerful absorbent and it doesn't only extract the toxins and filth, but also vitamins which leads to dryness, breakage and splitting ends.

In my personal practice, I have met people with all sorts of problems. The statistics prove that individual attempts to stop hair loss, as a rule, have the worst results. I don't recommend using any treatment products without consulting a good specialist.

The only safe product at a professional level for home usage is Kossalin . Its efficacy is clinically proven and confirmed in practice. Treating my patients with androgenous alopecia was a few times more successful and faster because of using this professional and concentrated emulsion.

As far as the protective action of Kossalin from sulphates and similar substances is in question, one usage a week is enough to see the wanted result in 28 days. In that time, the follicles are awakened, hair cuticle is smoothed, lamination effect appears thanks to its reforming and film-creating properties.

Week one

Your hair "revives": it becomes soft, obedient, it's easy to comb without using balms and conditioners.

Week two

Hair loss is significantly reduced, breakage and split ends are sealed, the form of "Christmas tree" is lost.

Week three

Hair growth is significantly increased, new and healthy hair begins to appear.

Week four

Volume and the number of hairs is significantly increased. Dandruff and dryness disappear. The fat layer on the skin is balanced. Hair loss is reduced to its minimum.

Will you treat hair loss on your own or will you go to the doctor's is your decision to make. But I strongly recommend not to postpone that decision too long because it can lead to complete alopecia (baldness) and it won't be possible to correct the situation without hormonal treatment".

For a long period of time, men and women thought that going to a trichologist is a necessary measure for treating hair loss. But a poll conducted with the support of the UK Ministry of Health surprised all of us.

The UK Ministry of Health poll: How do you fight against hair loss?

Using shampoos from pharmacies:
Using Kossalin :
Hormonal therapy:
Home-made masks:
I don't do this:

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Marry Lane
If I have a huge parting, should I go to the doctor's immediately?
12 minutes ago
Nelly Smith
Well, you should go to the doctor's as soon as you notice a bunch of your hair on the comb or in the bath. It's not normal at all and should be treated properly!
21 minutes ago
Ally Baker
I got Kossalin a month ago and I'm planning to try it out. I'm sorry I found your article too late, I would have ordered it with 50% discount(
25 minutes ago
Sabrina Pit
For almost a year, Kossalin has been my favourite product. During that time, I succeeded to grow beautiful hair. Is anyone doubting its effectiveness? I can post a message with my BEFORE photo.
27 minutes ago
Kate Philips
Oh, dear, I couldn't make up my mind about ordering it. I don't have any doubts any more.
I'll have to hurry while it's on 50% discount and who knows when something like this will happen again.
30 minutes ago
Kelly Jones
I've been using this product for three weeks now and the results are really impressive. I just don't understand if I'm supposed to use this product all my life.
34 minutes ago
Lily Edisson
There is no need to be afraid that you'll have to use this shampoo all your life. What's not to understand? All you have to do is to use Kossalin every six months. Or you can simply stop nagging.
39 minutes ago
Anna Wilson
here is a trick for all of you. I put a few drops of Kossalin in every shampoo I use and that's how I wash my hair. my hair is soft, easy to style and shiny.
42 minutes ago
Mildred Atkins
I do the same )))
1 hour ago
Bella Jordan
This doesn't seem fair to the patients. People visit doctors all over the UK, spend huge amounts of money and this woman shares all the secrets here on the Internet and sells this with 50% discount.
1 hour ago
Victoria Dale
I am also a trichologist. My patients know of Kossalin but they come to my office to do tests and they get really surprised when I don't give them hormonal therapy. I also prescribe this product because it is only non-hormonal therapy that effectively fights against hair issues.
1 hour ago
Henrietta Shepherd
Yes, it's great when you're not given expensive treatments that suck all the money out of your pockets. But there are people who can't understand why they should by this Kossalin and they are looking for someone to blame for their problems instead.
2 hours ago
Emily Hutchkins
I'd like to share my success achieved with this product. I've been using it for a month and I have no intention to stop)
2 hours ago
Elizabeth Frier
I've spent too much money on Botox and laminating and my hair looks horrible... I'll try this Kossalin everyone's been talking about while I can get it for 50% off!
2 hours ago
Danielle Gold
Every other woman uses this emulsion. Is it really that good?
2 hours ago
Maddison Johnson
If you never had a horrible experience with hair growth, you won't understand the joy and, as you put it, the frenzy for the shampoo Kossalin . Just have a look at what I had on top of my head and how it looks now.
2 hours ago
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